Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Puppy Love

My first dog was called Chips, and he came to live with us from Battersea Dog's Home. He was a lovely dog; faithful, kind and gentle, all you could ask for in a furry companion.
A year or so after he joined us, we were asked to look after a puppy for a short while. The puppy was Sheba, and her 'short stay' lasted fifteen years as I refused point blank to give her up.
Chips took to Sheba as well and treated her like a little sister, making sure she was brought up to be as polite as he was, overseeing her house training and ensuring she didn't get lost in the park.
A couple of years passed and Sheba grew up to be a very pretty girl who adored her 'big brother'. My parents had the foresight to get her 'doned' so there was no chance of any more puppies, and all was peaceful on the W7 front.
Until a dog named Tramp moved in to the area.
Tramp was another lovely hound; aged three, taller than Sheba, with striking looks and a glossy nose.
Sheba and Tramp fell in love the first time they met, and despite the lack of 'working parts', Tramp did his best to consummate their romance.
Chips was not happy that his little sister was being violated. Not happy at all, and made his disapproval clear by beating the cr*p out of Tramp and chasing him off.
But the local park being the best place for walkies, their paths would cross regularly, and after a while Tramp stopped trying to jump Sheba, and Chips stopped beating Tramp up, and an uneasy truce was called between the two, and walkies were relatively peaceful once more. Chips on one side of the path, Tramp on the other, and Sheba between them giving Tramp loving gazes and Chips assurance that she would not be a bad girl.
One fine day the dogs were all together. Sheba saw some seagulls and gave chase leaving behind the two chaps. They watched her as she tried to round the birds up. And watched as a large dog ran up to Sheba and tried to jump on her.
Both dogs were not happy about that. Not happy at all!
As one, they ran to Sheba's rescue and beat the cr*p out of the violator of their little sister/girlfriend.
Fur flew, claws scratched, and much barking of curses ensued that day, but the result was that Chips and Tramp never fought each other again. Chips gave his blessing on Sheba and Tramp's affair, and found love himself with a red setter which created a rather unusual litter of pups*.
The large dog never showed his face in the park again.

*The red setter's owner was not happy. Not happy at all.