Sunday, October 29, 2006

On small dogs demanding attention

I'm sure that different dogs have different ways of asking for food, or cuddles etc, but my little girl has her own set styles.
When asking for food, she will settle down in a vantage position from where she can stare at me (or whoever has the treat) in the manner of a vulture, ready to swoop upon the pickings as soon as the scraps are laid down. Unless of course it's her dinner time, whereupon she will walk to her food bowl and back to me (repeatedly until I get the message), with a glare so piteous one would think she hadn't been fed in a fortnight.
If she needs to go outside, she will come to me and wait until I ask what she wants, and then do a little dance and gesture to the stairs. This 'dance' ensures a rapid response in case of accidents.
If I'm upstairs and she wants a walkie or company, she will bark at me until I go and see what she requires; not an incessant bark, just a polite 'Oi! Where are you?' bark, repeated every minute or so.
If I'm in bed or on the sofa and she needs a hug, she will usually just cuddle up to me, but if I'm asleep she will stamp on me until I shift over so she can snuggle.
Her favourite way of waking me up if she needs anything, is to either gently wuff at me, or to sneeze in my face, bless her...
If she is sitting next to me, say at home or in our dog-friendly local and she wants a fuss, she will either place a paw on my leg, or nudge my elbow or hand with her nose.
Last night, we went to our dog-friendly local as we'd been invited there by my ex-partner-in-crime. We settled down in a corner with a bowl of water for her, a glass of red wine for me, and a bag of scampi fries to share. Pudsey decided to sit next to me as it would make my passing her the treats easier for me. Well, that's her reckoning anyway.
After a while, the ex went to talk to someone leaving me and Pudsey alone, so I decided to get a book I'm currently engrossed in out to read for a few minutes.
When I read I am usually lost in another world for a while, and this was one of those times.
Pudsey was not happy about the lack of undivided attention and made this clear by nudging my elbow, hard, with her nose.
Unfortunately it was at the precise moment that I had picked up my glass of red wine, and the pub was treated to a display of me first getting wine up my nose and then being covered in the stuff.
She certainly got my attention though.

Also, plz to go have a look at what I did with my 'extra hour' today! Clicky.