Monday, October 30, 2006

I've decided it's time to get my eyesight checked.
I thought for a while that all magazines, books and instructions on packets etc were in cahoots to try and get their printing as small as possible in an attempt to make life awkward for me, but after yesterday, I think it's just me.
I went out on a mushroom hunt with my faithful furry sidekick, and spotted what I thought was a rather spiffy puffball. This puffball was nestled by a log and to get to it, I had to climb along a fallen tree over a stagnant pond, using thin branches for support, and then push through some very scratchy undergrowth to get close enough to take a decent photo.
I then discovered I had risked life and limb to an old tennis ball.

Anyhoo, which story would you like for tomorrow?
Plz to choose from -

Back To School
Puppy Love

Choose well my preciousesssss!