Monday, October 09, 2006

Houston, we have a problem.
My house is falling apart at the seams. The radiator in my bathroom has developed a leak, the thermostat knob on the radiator in my bedroom has broken off, one of the windows in my bedroom refuses to close as the window sill's rotting away, my washing machine refuses to wash clothes properly, the dryer won't dry things as the element's rubber ducked, the grill on my cooker won't do anything, the decrepit boiler in the kitchen is hanging together by a thread and a prayer, the vacuum won't suck, and the dishwasher keeps trying to eat the cutlery. Oh, and my knee hurts. A lot.
Oh Gods, not Monday again!
It must be Monday again.

Other than that, all's well! How are you, and what tale would you like me to regale you with tomorrow?

Launching Erik (Viking stuff)
The So-called Martial Arts Expert (Kicky stuff)
The Day of the Runners (Weird stuff)
The Time The Pub Got Raided (Beery stuff)
Pudsey and the Pasty (Messy stuff)

Choose well my lovelies!