Friday, October 27, 2006

Have I Got News For You!

Yesterday, I was perusing a copy of a London based newspaper and this article caught my eye.

They omitted to print the last two words of Mr Martin's statement, being 'You cu*t'.

David Blunkett's book sales for the first week of publication were embarassingly low -

Someone really should have told him that most people can't read braille before it went to print.

The Queen has finally hung up her football boots -

Prince Philip was sent in as substitute.

In gossip, pictures reveal the secret behind Linford Christie's famous 'lunchbox'

And last night I fell flat on my face during an argument with a mattress.

Who needs collagen implants when you can get the same effect for free, eh?

And finally, to get you into the weekend mood, I shall leave you with a 'Spot The Difference' competition.

Have fun!