Monday, October 16, 2006

Good morning Blogosphere!
How is everybody? Ready for another exciting week, or counting the days until the weekend?
Personally, I'm looking forward to the weekend as I'll be going off to another DAS do, although I'm under physiotherapist's orders not to kill too many of the enemy, and certainly no kicking them due to my dodgy knee. Guess I'll just have to throw things at them instead.
Anyway, I do have a few fun things planned for you this week, and to get the balls rolling, the first thing I want to share with you all is this wonderful short movie that is absolutely hilarious. Clicky here for Call Center Movie fun!

Next up, I have made a reuseable Noughts and Crosses game for you to play! All you need is your monitor, this blog page, marker pens and a lot of industrial solvent cleaner.

Use the pen to fill in the game, then simply wipe the screen clean and start again! Hours of fun getting high on the fumes, trust me.

And for tomorrow, this is your chance to vote for the story of the day! Your choices are:

The So Called Martial Arts Expert* (Kicky, with much woe for someone else)
Launching Erik (Funny, with extra cowpats)
Pudsey and the Pasty (Pasty woe)

Choose wisely my preciousssesss!

Oh, and before I go, I have a little rant.
To the woman whose dog attacked my little Pudsey on Friday evening - I'm sure you think it's nice for your little girl to hold your labrador's leash while walking it, but there's no way that a six year old can hold such a large dog back if it decides to attack another dog as you found out. I do not blame your daughter, but I do blame you for your stupidity and obvious inability to control your dog. Your dog was lucky to have gotten off with just a couple of bruised ribs and a thump between the eyes. If it ever goes near my dog again, it will be far worse for it and the police will be informed, capiche? Good.

Happy Monday everybody!

*Hint, this one's good and I've already written it up!