Thursday, October 05, 2006

A couple of quickies for you today.

First of all, a while back the ex-partner-in-crime stayed over. He was in the spare room downstairs as Pudsey didn't want to share the sofa.
At about six in the morning, I was woken by Pudsey barking; a steady, loud 'Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof'
I grabbed my dressing gown and ran downstairs to find out what the matter was, to find her in the spare room barking at the ex.
I asked her what was wrong, she turned to me and gave me a look that cleary said 'Nothing's wrong. I'm just barking at him to piss him off'.
'Fair nuff', I said, 'As you were', and went back to bed as she carried on barking. Good doggy.

Next up, any of you play Travel Games whilst on car journeys? When I was little and over in Germany, my friends played the Grüne Ente (green duck) Game, where upon spotting a green Citroën 2CV, they would shout out 'Grüne Ente' and mark the score down.
Back over here, I started the 'Two Door Banana' game, after the joke, 'What's yellow and goes slam, slam?', where upon spotting a bright yellow two door car, you shout out 'Two Door Banana!'.
I can't seem to get myself out of the habit of shouting out 'Two Door Banana!' on journeys now. People who travel with me know the game and understand, but after a recent experience, I don't think I'll ever travel alone on a bus again.
Any of you ever managed to embarrass yourself on Public Transport? Tell me all!