Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to another Double Entendre Day, or as others are calling it - Hump Day!

Before we get down to business with the Caption Competition, I thought I would mention that I recieved an email from someone who appears not to have been reading my blog for very long, asking me to get my tits out in a photo. To that person, I would like to point out that I already have done so and posted the pic, but as it's Wednesday and I'm in a good mood, here you are again.

Happy now?

Moving on to today's Caption Competition, as we're already on the subject of tits, I thought you might like another wet pussy shot.

You know what to do. Get stuck in, there's a slice of damn fine cherry pie with cream for every entry.

Extra, 16:38 hours.
Overheard in park.
Small boy "Mummy, can I go and play in the playground for a while?"
Mother "No. You've got homework to do, and I have to cook dinner. Don't forget it's beavers tonight!"

My mind = boggling.