Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Last night, Pudsey and I were invited out for a drink at the local by the ex-partner-in-crime.
'Hurrah!' Went I at the thought of a white wine! 'Wuff!' went Pudsey at the thought of a pepperami and a chance to see her toyboy!
So off we trundled up the road in search of treats.
We got to the pub and received said treats; wine, water and pepperami respectively, and settled down to enjoy them whilst the rest of the pub watched something called 'football' on a shiny thing in the corner.
After about two minutes, Pudseypups and I were both bored witless by the shiny thing. I decided to take a book out of my bag to peruse, whilst Puds went on a hunt for stray food and snacks that might have been dropped on the floor, or were being proffered by other customers.
The pub was rather busy.
I was engrossed in book.
Dog ate I know not what.
Next I knew, the ex came up asking if we'd like anything else, and I said 'darn tooting, wine plz!' and Pudsey requested another bowl of water and some peanuts.
I went to put my book away.
While I was not watching my doggy, who by the way was sitting on the sofa where the ex had been seated a few minutes before, decided to throw up her pepperami, the peanuts, the water she had drunk, and also the remains of her breakfast and lunch.
I turned around when I heard the noise, it was not a pretty sight.


Sadly, the ex was solely engrossed with watching the shiny football thingy, and there was lots of noise from cheering fellow enthusiasts, which meant he did not hear my scream of
And yes.
Too late.
Diced pepperami everywhere.
With diced carrots as well, which is odd, as she never eats carrots.

He's still trying to get ick out of his pockets as I type this.

But I love my dog more than anything.