Friday, September 22, 2006

First things first - please to keep fingers crossed and sacrifice a goat/lettuce/incense stick to deity of preference, as I have to take Pudsey-pups to the vet's today. It's not the end of the world, but due to recent experiences, she's worried about being stabbed and prodded yet again, and I can't say I blame her.
After that, I intend to take her for a lovely long scamper to a nearby 'nature trial' and let her frolic and sniff for as long as she pleases, before giving her a lovely din-dins of chicken and pork.

Anyhoo, as to your Friday entertainment, I thought you might like a 'Missing Words' competition, in the style of 'Have I Got News For You'.

So, your starters for ten are:

Eat a ________ and Be the First in Line
_________Unwittingly Help in _________
Man Who Entered ____ Later Found ________
___'s Lost ______ Attends Steelers Game
Panda Bites Man, _____________________
________ Wanders Onto N. Michigan U. Campus
Gators, Crocs Found in ______________
Man Gets Jail for Fake __________________
__________ Upset Over Rude _________
____ frenzy over mystery _____
David not Hoff the ____
N.J. Judge To ____ On Nude Beach

Sadly, no prizes available except for the kudos of your name in lights, and also please do not cheat by searching for the headlines, m'kay?
Just have fun, and I'll tell you what the blanks were when I feel like it* ;)

*Fairly soon.
Update, 11:23 hours. She's back, with more medicine, and is not speaking to me as I had to hold her while the vet clipped her claws. Other than that, she's not lost much weight and is happily tucking into a big bowl of chicken. Hurrah.