Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wotcha groovers!

Time is not on my side today, as in a few hours I shall be wending my way to the wilds of Yorkshire for another DAS do!
Pudsey sitter is sorted and knows exactly where the treats, pub, walkies and my mobile number are, and I'm sure my baby-pup will take them to the pub for a pint while I'm away.
I have yet to pack, so tomorrow morning may be hectic for me upon waking.

Anyhoo, much as I am loathe to leave my puppy and you darling lot, needs must, and I have gathered a few odds and sods for y'all to have fun with while I'm away.

Firstly: For all you dog owners out there, check your puppy's IQ with this nifty test! Even if your dog is thick as a brick, it's still entertaining!

Then: A chance to see an episode of one of the bestest evah cartoons, Pinky and the Brain!

Next for your amusement, I bring you one of The Most Amazing Flickr Sets I have seen, as in 'Thor Rolls a Joint'! Plz to watch as slideshow, btw!

Still bored? Okay, here's some vintage Fat Freddy's Cat for ya!

But the bestest, I have saved 'til last. Tis veh amusing, but I will be in for a kicking if I don't must tell you, it's not worksafe. Click here at your own risk.

But, as by the time you read this, I will either be panicking and/or throwing random foxes and sinks into the car, so in an attempt to create a sense of sanity I have prepared a nice game for you all to play in my absence.
What you do, is think up a television programme which has a fishy theme in it; such as...

The Beverly Krillbillies
Cagney and Lamprey
DeSprat Housewives
Guppy Days
King of the Krill
The Haddock Family
CSI: Clam Scene Investigation
Time Bream*
Red Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid
My Parents Are Angelfish
The Incredible Hake
Roobarb and Catfish
Babel the Vampire Slayer**
Will and Plaice

So, until we meet again gentle readers, I bid ye farewell, and may flights of wombats sing thee to thy weekend!

*Copyright, Scaryduck
**It's a fish, innit?