Sunday, August 20, 2006

Terry Pratchett,
Rubber Ducked!

As you can tell, I've made it back one piece. I had a lovely time, and so did Team Misty. I met up with old and new friends, and as you can see from the above, introduced Duck Balancing to the Discworld.
The hotel was very nice, and although I was booked in for a single room (I was expecting one of those poky little sad rooms, with a tiny bed that says 'Yep, you're single!') I got an executive one, with a tv, sofa, and a huge bed, rah!
I'm still catching up on the spleep though* as there was too much to see and talk to and I ended up going to bed at 'stupid o'clock' most nights, then getting up early for the free breakfast.
Anyhoo, tis wonderful to be back, and I missed you all. I shall be posting more clickage over on Flickr when the coffee has done it's thang, and then taking my darling Pudsey out for a long scamper before more cuddles.
Also, how are you?
Also also, Aristotle met Terry too.

*If you saw the original post that was up earlier, it was posted at half past stupid, so I decided to change it a tad.