Monday, August 21, 2006

Once upon a time* in a magical landfill called Woolpit, several species of small furry Discworld fans gathered together in a field and started grooving with a Pterry. This was not as unusual as some may think, as the Clarecraft Discworld Event had been held there for several years, and the locals were not generaly surprised by strangers wandering around dressed as wizards, trolls or witches.
Anyway, this time in particular, a certain 'Nanny Ogg's Cook Book' had recently been published and as I was the person what did the majority of the recipes for said book, I was asked to go along and sign copies for the fans**.
I was all excited about this, and had a bath and got scrubbed up 'specially for the event.
The day came hot and sunny, and at the appointed time, I took my seat at the signing table alongside Terry, Stephen Briggs, and Paul Kidby, and got my crayons pens out ready.
The queue started to move, and before long the signing was going swimmingly.
Now, at the time I was with my then-partner-in-crime, who I was running pubs with, and he was a member of the BII. He noticed that the bar*** was getting very busy, and also had a problem with the beer cooling system, so he volunteered to give them a hand for a while. For this they were very gratefull to him and offered him a drink, and said if he had a girlfriend or so, would they like one as well?
Knowing I'd probably be thirsty, he said yes, I more than likely would love a pint of cider, and asked if someone could take it over to me at the signing table. Rah!
And so, a very nice chap fought his way to the front of the signing queue with the cider, then stopped and looked first at Terry, then Stephen, then myself, and finally Paul, before asking...

"OK, which one's Tina?"****

After everyone stopped laughing, they pointed me out and I got my drink.
For the remainder of the weekend, I was referred to as 'The One Without The Beard'.

From L-R, Terry, Stephen, Me, Paul.

*Summer, 2000.
** They also promised me beer.
***Vital to the event!
****My given name, if you didn't already know.