Friday, August 11, 2006

The Make Pudsey Better Campaign

If you didn't see yesterday's post, I need some help, or rather Pudsey does. My faithful furry friend went to the vets recently, had some blood tests done, and they show that there is a problem with her liver. It's not 100% certain what that problem is, so she has to go to the RSPCA clinic in Putney sometime very soon for an ultrasound and some other diagnosy thingy. She's already on regular medicine for another problem (linked to the liver thingy) and her diet has had to be changed to top quality tinned food and plain chicken.
Sadly, I don't have the spare funds to cover the tests*, and the extra cost of the medicine and new diet is beginning to build up, even though it's an RSPCA vets who only charge the minimum.
It's not an absolute fortune we need. As I explained in yesterday's comments, the immediate, will be about £120, which will cover tests, ultrasound, transport, next dose of drugs, and chicken, and will hopefully leave over a little for a 'day out' for Puds at a previously unexplored park (cost - £2.50)
I'm hoping all will be alright and the tests don't show the worst, but there may be more costs at a later date. I'm not thinking about that just yet, as I want the tests to come back fine.
So if you can spare anything, it would be very much appreciated. I wouldn't ask for anything for me, but my little dog is another matter entirely. The PayPal link is near the top of my sidebar (Administered by my dear friend Nigle as I don't have a working bank account). Thanking you in advance, and a huge THANK YOU to everybody who has donated already!
Any money left over after her treatment will be donated to the RSPCA to help other animals, btw.

Additional: A few people have asked me if they can send a dontation without using PayPal. If you would like to do that, please email me, and I'll pass on details. Again, many thanks, and woofs and wags from Pudsey! X

*Being signed off with depression and surviving on income support will do that.