Thursday, August 24, 2006

About how I became Angua.

The following anecdote contains references to the Discworld. If you have not yet read the books, a few things might be difficult to understand without first reading this. <- clicky. Also, Angua was the first female member of the City Watch, and it's only werewolf.

Once upon another time* at a magical landfill called Woolpit, there was a Clarecraft Discworld event. People gathered from many corners of the earth to have fun, meet and make friends, quaff plenty of fine ale, and dress up as characters from the Discworld if they so desired. The guest of honour at this fine event was the creator of the Discworld himself; none other than Terry Pratchett, and with him was his right hand man and spare brain, Stephen Briggs.
One of the highlights of the weekend (and indeed every DW convention before and after said one) was the Maskerade Competition, where folks would parade in their costumes or become their chosen character from the Disc for a short while.
Now as this was a fair few moons ago, it was my first visit to the event. I'd been prepped by a friend who had been to one before as to what went on, and she asked me who I wanted to go as.
I replied that I hadn't given it much thought - possibly a witch - to which she said 'Certainly not a witch. You my dear, are Angua all over, from the looks to the personality!'
I looked at the picture in in the Pratchett Portfolio. I thought for a while. I went and started work on a uniform.
The weekend arrived and my friends and I pootled up to the Maskerade in our respective 'costumes'. The set up was that all those 'competing' were to queue up and take turns to do their skit, or just stand on a small stage in front of Messrs Pratchett and Briggs who were doing the judging. While I was in the queue, Terry and Stephen slowly walked past where I was to get to their seats. Stephen glanced my way, looked me up and down and then smiled, to which I responded by letting out a gentle growl and staring back at him.
For some reason, he looked surprised and slightly edgy about this, and began to tug at Terry's sleeve to get his attention. After a few seconds, Terry turned to him and said "What?" to which Stephen nervously pointed at the still growling me.
Terry gulped, and then smiled at me, so I turned my gaze to him, whilst still growling.
Terry whispered to Stephen "I think we've got a werewolf here" and they both started to walk slowly to their seats while I watched them.
But the best was yet to come.
The Maskerade began. People were either introduced by the compere, or allowed the mic to do so themselves, and when it was my turn, I introduced myself, as:
"Angua of the City Watch" and then went into some stuff I can't remember verbatim, until the last bit, where I announced that the one thing I really disliked, was the unalive!
I then took out a blue fluffy blanket, marched up to Stephen Briggs and threw it over his head, then turned and growled loudly at Terry before taking my leave.
Since that day, Terry has called me 'his Angua', and also 'A Genuine Werewolf'.
That's one accolade I really like.

From L-R, A bogeyman, Terry, Me.
*Summer, 1997.

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PS. I doubt I'll be around much today, as I'm taking Pudsey to the hospital for her tests.
Please keep fingers and paws crossed!