Saturday, April 15, 2006

I don't smegging believe it.
A short while ago, I was all cuddled up under the duvet, with my faithful Pudsey snoring away at my side.
As the weather is getting all warm and Spring-like, I decided to leave a window open last night, as I prefer air to central heating fug.
I have four windows in my room, two at the far end, looking over the garden, and two at the end above my bed.
I decided to open the window which was right above my bed, so that if it rained or summat, I could get up and close it without too much effort.
I was not expecting to be woken up by a fu*king squirrel landing on me.
Through my 'almost waking dream state', I'd heard a sort of scratchety, thumpy noise, reckoned it was birds landing on the roof and thought no more of it.
But no. Not birds. Deranged, bastard squirrel.
I screamed. Pudsey barked. The squirrel screeched. I shouted at it to sod off, and the idiot tree rat finally left, after doing a whirlwind tour of my bedroom whilst trying to find the exit again. Not my ideal way of being woken up at all.
Has anybody else had the fun of starting the day naked, and chasing a maniacal rodent out of their bedroom, or is it just me that this sort of thing happens to?

Extra, 16:40 hours.
From the comments box; 'This thread worthless without pictures' - Scaryduck.
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