Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Terror Incognita...

Last Saturday night, I was watching Casualty and happily tucking into a plate of Steak in peppercorn sauce, when I felt something happen to a back tooth.
The tooth in question had been held together by a filling for quite some time, but said filling finally decided it had 'given up' doing its job, and attatched itself to my dinner instead.
I will happily admit to being a complete wuss when it comes to teeth, more so when mine are involved. I've had to be knocked out in the past before anything gets past my lips.*
But - part of the tooth was still there - wobbly, and sore, but still attatched somehow.
Fighting back a rising sense of panic and nausea, I managed to think coherently. I'm alone, it's Saturday night, Dentists are all closed for the weekend, Hospital A&E probably extremely busy and 'injury' too trivial to bother them with. Sh*t.
I toyed with the idea of going to one one of the more 'interesting' pubs in the locale to see if I could start a fight and maybe get the damn thing out that way, but decided that was a little extreme,
so I went to see a friend and whimpered and offered beer until he caved and had a check.
Turned out that although the tooth was a bit loose, he couldn't get it out so I was in no immediate danger of choking on it during the night, so I went home and tried to knock myself out** and get some sleep.
Yesterday, I finally managed to get a Dentists appointment, but its not until tomorrow (Wednesday) so I was still unable to eat properly, and the bloody thing was starting to get rather sore against my gum. To say I was getting a bit irritable and grumpy was an understatement and was planning on going to find a certain Solicitor to bite and see if I could dislodge it that way, until a friend pointed out that I could get food poisoning at the least.
Fortunately, after poking at it with my tongue for a few days, it came out yesterday evening (hurrah) but as there may be a problem with what's left, I'm keeping the appointment just in case.
Getting lost in storms in Europe? Terrorist attacks on London? Foxes trying to steal my patio furniture? No problem - bring it on!!!
Having to go to the dentist?

Meep... help...

*I'm talking dental equipment and needles here.
**The reason for the 'purple incident'