Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I have just discovered a 'recipe' for a bath treat that will take away any aches and pains, sooth sore skin, and make you feel sooooo relaxed it's untrue... Honest!

To one bathtub (regular size) add:
400g of dried instant milk powder (approx)
8 drops pure lavender essential oil
A scoop of coconut oil
2 glasses of good red wine and book of choice - optional, but recommended!

Fill bathtub with water to temperature of choice
Mix all ingredients (except wine and book) in tub
Get into tub - first removing clothes
Drink wine and read book if desired
Stay in bath until 'done'
Get out of bath
Dry self (Probably best to stay away from a 'puter at this point btw)

I'm telling you, it's so good. Right now, all I can say is that the last time I felt like this I had an urge to smoke a cigarette rather than blog... If you know what I mean...