Friday, July 08, 2005

Normal again.

The sun is trying to shine, the transport system is just about back to full running, people are going to work, 37 have lost their lives, others have lost limbs, hundreds are still hurting and thousands are grieving.

Yes, London suffered 'it's most deadly terrorist attack ever' yesterday, but is the City going to stop because of a few bombs that were supposed to scare us and bring us to our knees?

Not bloody likely.

Sadly, we're used to it here. I grew up during the 70's when the IRA was trying to do the same. Four years ago, they nearly got me with a car bomb in Ealing, but thankfully me and my friend decided to catch a bus back to Hanwell half an hour before.

This man wasn't so lucky but as he said, he's still alive but unsure as to why.

The news reports are saying that the attack was totally unexpected, that we were given no warning. Bollocks, just look back at the past. As a few people have said, yesterday was waiting to happen, it was a case of not 'If' but 'When'.

Yesterday was when.

I don't know what the 'Government' is going to do. There's talk of body scanners being installed at underground stations and better security and so, and waging out and out war, and holding peace talks, but the main problem is, that as long as there is 'evil' out there that wants to hurt innocents, the whole world will be in trouble.

I'm not a politician, I'm just a girl living in London, who was scared yesterday, cried for the senseless loss and pain that was caused by those cruel low-life fuckers, is now angry that it happened at all but also feeling helpless that it could happen again at any time to anyone.

But I'm now going to catch a bus to Ealing Broadway, as I have bills to pay.

Normal again.

Update, 15:13