Saturday, July 09, 2005

I'd just like to say a big Thank you to all those 'across the pond' who emailed and commented with messages of support and condolence after the latest London bombs.

For the fellow Londoners and Brits reading this, here are a couple of lines from amongst the mail I recieved:

"I am so sorry that this has happened to so many wonderful people in such a wonderful place. London is our favourite city in the world. It is because of the many kind, thoughtful and beautiful people who live and work there that this is so. I can only offer you my tears and my deepest sympathy for the pain you and others are experiencing."

"My wife and I were simply shocked this morning at approximately 15:00 GMT, 07:00 PDT (we live in Washington state, USA) when we found out. Our hearts, thoughts, and daily prayers are with you and all of London"

"My thoughts are still with you, I just can't seem to find the rightwords. I do know exactly how you feel. An attack on your home turf stirs up a lot of emotions. You have the proper attitude; don't let"them" stop you!"

Again, Thank you all!