Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm writing this watching live news of bombs going off and people dying just eleven miles from my home.
It's just been confirmed that the attacks are (once again) terrorist related.
I have friends that could be in that - I'm fucking scared.
The army has just been called in and all buses have been cancelled and no-one seems to know what is happening or why.
There are more bombs being found.

Update, 11:44
Reports of limbs being seen by eye witnesses, and 'officials' have said that 'Sadly this was an incident waiting to happen'
We KNOW this sort of thing happens here, we've had years of watching for 'suspect packages' I learnt about that when I was three - but WHY THE FUCK IS IT STILL HAPPENING???
Fuck fuck fuck!
I've lit candles for everyone that's out there in it, the emergency services seem to be doing an amazing job amongst the carnage, the trains outside my house are becoming conspicuous by their silence and I'm not going out today.

Somebody has just been talking about how the bomb on the bus would have affected the people that were on it at the time, and also said that 'This attack was unavoidable and unpreventable'
All Londoners have been advised not to leave their homes - I was way ahead of that bit of advice.
I'm still trying to find out if my friends are ok.

About 150 seriously injured and ES are still trying to get victims out of the stations. I've managed to call one person, but this seems to have brought BT down - all I can get is a message saying all lines are busy.
Saw a casualty being interviewed. He said "I could see bodies at the side of the track". Another said "If Paris had won the Olympic Bid, they would have been bombed today instead of us"
Still no news from friends.

Update, 13:19
What a surprise - Al Qaeda have claimed responsibility... The Londonist is doing an excellent job on coverage if anybody can't get news on TV or Radio btw.
One person has called me to see if I'm still alive, still no news from friends though.

Update, 14:26
Reports on the news are now 'patchy'. All that is confirmed is that all of the Underground has stopped running, most mainline stations are closed, and no-one is using the few buses that are still running in the suburbs.
Londoners are still being told to stay put and not travel unless absolutely necessary, but -unbelievably - there have been reports of people shopping in Oxford Street.
There have been 6 confirmed bombs, 5 on underground trains, 1 on a bus.
Despite reports from survivors who told about having to climb over bodies to escape, only 12 people so far have been confirmed dead. There are at least 150 walking wounded and more seriously injured. Emergency Services are still trying to free victims from the Undergound.
Fucking Hell.

Update, 15:00
The nearest bomb to me was at Edgware Road - 8 miles away. I've just heard that victims on one of the trains had the floor of the train ripped away from under them and one passenger was hurled by the force of the blast into the path of an oncoming train. It seems that the whole of London has gone surrealy quiet, almost numb with confusion and pain.
Still no news from friends.

Update, 15:30
More than 33 fatalities confirmed.
Over 150 victims with serious injuries, many amputations, and one woman managed to stagger out of a carriage underground with her face missing.
I can't stop crying right now - how can 'human beings' do this to each other?
I am not going to let those bastard fucking terrorists win though - I refuse to hide and be too scared to go out.
May they suffer a very slow, long and extremely painful death!

Update, 15:52
For some reason Termainal 3 at Heathrow has been evacuated - Gods I hope there aren't any more bombs. Unknown number of fatalities in bus bomb

Update, 16:05
Heathrow is open again. Turns out there were only 4 bombs now - 3 underground, 1 bus. All around London is being affected too - roads are being closed and opened again a few minutes later, the mainline stations seem to be opening again very soon, but everything is still confused. It's just been announced that this is the most deadly act of terrorism ever see in the UK. After all we've been through here, that's saying something. I've just been in the garden and the sun is shining and I can't believe that this is happening so close to me! I'm feeling so useless - I'm a first aider but we've been told to stay in our homes and only travel if absolutely necessary. Shit.

Update, 16:33
I've managed to find a casualty hotline if anyone is worried about loved ones: 0870 1566344. The Asst. Commisioner of the London Fire Brigade has just been interviewed and said 'there was only one 'good' thing to have come out of the 911 horror and that was they now have more specialized emegency equipment that was developed after then with them, that helped saved some lives today'. 911 shouldn't have fucking happened either though!!!! The underground will only be re-opened after every square inch of track, carriage and station has been thoroughly searched and ensured safe. How the fuck can it ever be safe from those bastards if anybody can get on public transport with a bag that hasn't been searched???
The flag at Buckingham Palace has been lowered to half mast.

Update, 17:08
It's too early to tell whether the bombs were just left on the trains and bus, or if suicide bombers were responsible. Either way, the death toll is still at more than 33, 45 serious injuries, and 300 minor injuries. All coach services in and out of London are cancelled but the Ferry services on the Thames are providing free transport for stranded Londoners to try and get them home.

There will be a short break from the London Blog Correspondence here, as I've decided that I'm not going to sit here shaking and crying, but I'm going to take my dog to the park via the Pub.
There's nothing going to make ME hide from those bastards, and I shall raise a glass to all those who have left kind, loving and above all supportive messages to London!


Update. 21:07
We're OK... I think... Numb, but the ones who are still alive are still carrying on. I've beento the pub. The general consensus in the pub about the terrorist action was "DeplorableLowlifeC*nts!"
"Why US? we are just people who were going into work? What the FUCK does killing US prove?"
London news has now settled down (mostly) to traffic reports. The main worry amongst Londoners is "How can I get home?"
Earlier, a (80yr old?) WWII man on his war to a reunion was asked what he thought. His reply? " WWII didn't stop us,why should this?"
I'm tired out, I've had a drink, I'm signing off for now.
Will write more later because I feel I have things that must be said, but I ain't gonna after wine...
Again - Thanks to all for kind messages on behalf of all of London!