Monday, June 06, 2005

Pirate site bas**rds!!!!!!!

I was doing some net trawling, and found that someone has put a page up with recipes from 'Nanny Ogg's Cook Book' on it, and while they have said in clear print that the book and so is copyrighted and that Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs & Paul Kidby worked on it, they left MY name off!

I did the majority of the recipes! I worked bloody hard on it! My name is on the cover as well!

I've got a copyright on those recipes too!!!!!!!

I don't get any royalties from the book, (they all go to the Orang-Utan Foundation) I don't get asked to be a guest at any conventions (guess I'm old news) but PLEASE, at least give me the f**king credit for my work if you're going to put it up on a website!


I've grassed them up to Transworld... Hah!

Misty, aka Tina Hannan!

Update: 13:47 hours.

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