Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I know I let rip and went a bit OTT in my last post, and I'm very grateful that Annabee has added my name to the credits on her site, but I'm still standing by my rant.

Copyright Laws are there for a reason. The main one being the right of the Author to be identified as such.

I found a site that was in a foreign language, looked very professional, and had nine of MY recipes on it, with no mention of me whatsoever.

It was about the last straw for me at the time.

As I already said, I don't get any royalties and I very rarely get any kudos either.

A few years back I got a letter from Colin Smythe asking me if I would mind if some of my recipes could be reproduced in a fundraising book for the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain, and I was over the moon that I had been asked. The point being I was recognized and ASKED!

I'm not asking for adulation here. My name is on the book, is inside all the Discworld books that have been printed since, and yay, I did a book with Terry!

It was (one of) my fifteen minutes of fame, and I still get a thrill seeing my name up there, even if no-one else has a clue who I am or what I did.

If anybody out there is thinking of putting someone else's work on their website without even crediting the Author, just have a think about how they would feel if that was done to them.

End of rant. I'm shutting up about it now.

Unless I find anybody else doing the same...