Monday, June 20, 2005

Hanwell Carnival - 2005.

For those that are not from round here and haven't read Quin Parker's Blog, Hanwell Carnival is an annual event involving several species of various cheerful Hanwellians, gathered together in a Park, and grooving by a beer tent.
This year, I decided to go along as a) Quin said I might Blog it and I didn't want to let down anyone eagerly anticipating the review, and b) My dog, Pudsey wanted to enter the prestigious Annual Dog Show.
The day dawned clear and sunny, and by noon when the Carnival started, it was too darn hot* to do much other than amble round the stalls and take a few photos, before wending our way to the beer tent for a cold libation or two before the dog show started.
The first time I went to the Carnival was when I was about three years old, (I remember being scared witless by a balloon with a face on it) and things have barely changed over the years**. Although it's rather dull, it still has an almost 'Last of the Summer Wine' quality to it. For one day of the year, the inhabitants of this 'sleepy little parish***' lay down their arms, put aside their petty squabbles, and all have a jolly day out amid the happy sounds of children laughing as they're sick on the bouncy castles.
Here are some photo's of this years attractions.
The tombola and assorted charity stalls.

A bouncy castle.

The Carnival Queen and Princess getting a pint of lager each in the beer tent.

A couple of Daleks that managed to escape.

And last, but by no means least, Me and Pudsey, with the FIVE rosettes that she won!

*Quin, You were wrong about the risk of sunburn, it was 32 degrees!
** I still don't like balloons with faces on them.
*** Yeahright...