Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I have less than sixteen hours before I'm off to Germany for my cousin's wedding, and I have yet to a) locate passport, b) find a suitable outfit to wear to said wedding, c) tidy house before the dog-sitter arrives, and d) pack - anything!

Although a good friend of mine has loaned me a whole 'wedding ensemble' to wear, we are slightly different body shapes, and although the outfit looks stunning on her, on myself it's not 'quite right' and I don't have any shoes to match... gah...

So right now, my floor is covered with the entire contents of my wardrobe, and although I have some stunning outfits, they're not quite 'wedding attire', such as:

Black cocktail dress (now too big)
Blue ballgown
Victorian lace dress
Full camoflage combat gear
Viking re-enactment stuff
'Felicity Shagwell' outfit
Fairy costume
Nurse's uniform
Bridesmaid's dress (hmm, maybe...)
'Xena - Warrior Princess' ensemble

The only other 'possible' is a wedding dress that I aquired doing wardrobe for a play, but apparently, although all men can wear the same kit as the Groom, it is bad form to wear the same as the Bride.

The phrase going through my head rhymes with clucking bell.

Ah well, guess I'd better go get on with the hunt.