Thursday, March 17, 2005

Serendipity and other nice things.

First of all, a few weeks ago I’d been ‘window shopping’ on my wish list and wanted to add a hammock or sun lounger to it as for the last few spells of sunny weather, I’ve had to make do with a very uncomfortable and ancient cheap one that had a habit of collapsing every couple of hours for no apparent reason.
Anyway, before I had the chance to find one I liked, the puter crashed and I forgot all about it.
Then, a couple of days ago I was online waiting on emails and so, when one popped up on Cyberdas from Visna saying they were having a clear out and would anybody like (amongst other things) a hammock with frame! I replied within seconds saying ‘Oooh! Me! Me! Please please please!’ And as I was first to reply, it’s going to be coming to live with me very soon.
Thanks again Visna!

The nice news I have to impart is that my friend Mags is getting a new cat. All the details are on her blog so I won’t go into them here, but I’m so happy for her! She told me she met Sebastian at her local shelter a few days ago and right away I knew he was going to go and live with her and yay, I was right! I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and meeting him, and can honestly say a cat couldn’t go to a better home!

And it looks like Spring has finally sprung in Londinium. I’m feeling rather smug as on March 6th, Quin Parker asked when Spring was going to arrive, to which I confidently replied ‘March 16th’, and lo and behold, yesterday the weather turned lovely and sunny and the first blossom bloomed on the cherry tree outside my window. (Photos to follow as my camera is out on loan)

I’m also happy as this weekend marks the start of the DAS season, kicking off with a weekend at Forest Green, so I’m busy sorting out my kit and really looking forward to seeing old friends and not having to worry about mundane depressing crap for a short while.

As I don’t have any pics of flowers in my garden as I hoping to do, here’s a pic taken by a friend of mine, of me and another friend at the DAS do in Cornwall last Spring.
ttfn :)
Update: 16.30 hours.

I’ve just been out to the park with Pudsey and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Outside the sun shines. Buses rumble towards Ealing Broadway and I’m expected to do battle with the powers of darkness. It all seems a little unfair…
Sorry, I digressed.
Anyhoo, it really is lovely weather. Birds are tweeting, bees are buzzing, dogs are scampering, everything is coming up daffodils and I went out without socks for the first time this year. If you’re stuck in front of a pc in London and can get outside I suggest you do! Right now! Quick before the sun goes away again!

If you can’t get out but enjoy the outdoors, you might enjoy this kite game I found.

‘bye again…