Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My ‘puter crashed again on Saturday.

Once again, everything gone. All programs, files, photos, pictures, contacts etc, lost. Vanished. Gods alone know where to.

And nobody seems to know why it did it.

If anybody can tell me how a PC that is patched, updated, has a firewall and antivirus running on it suddenly lose everything and then upon rebooting give me the message ‘NTLDR’ missing, please let me know as it’s not only irritating me big time, but also worrying me lots too*.

The only ‘odd’ thing it was doing the first time was telling me occasionally that I was running low on virtual memory. The second time when I put the weeny spare hard drive in it said it again a couple of times before it crashed, so the third time I put some newer whizzier memory in it as well as a nice big hard drive.

‘Hurrah’ I thought for nearly two weeks as no nasty messages came up, and I set about getting things like my FTP program back up and putting a nice picture of Pudsey having a swim up as wallpaper.

But then it did it again.

This time I was stumped and close to attacking the bloody thing with a lump hammer, but after a few tearful calls and texts, managed to persuade a friend of mine (very techie and knows lots more bout PC’s than I do) to have a look at it.

I got it back this morning and so far so good. At least this time I’d remembered to send all the important stuff to my hotmail account so I could get my addresses and so back.

So anyway, if I don’t post anything for a while again it means it’s done it again, but I’m keeping everything crossed that it won’t.

I have the lump hammer to hand just in case though…

I shall leave you with that pic of Pudsey.

Pudsey in Osterly Park Lake.

*My mind starting turning to thoughts of hackers, aliens and gremlins. Just because you’re not paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…