Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm bored...

It's 23.41 hours on Sunday night, there's nothing on telly, sleep is evading me once more, so I thought I'd share something that has just made me laugh out loud.

I have Tamazepam on prescription from my GP (For those that don't know, Tamazepam is a sleeping tablet) and I have for the first time read the label (told you I was bored) on which it states "Warning - this may make you feel drowsy"


Other than that, life has been relatively quiet. Despite the weather forecasts saying that I was going to be snowed in nothing happened. A few flurries of snow now and again but it wouldn't even settle which was disappointing as Pudsey and I had the toboggan ready. I watched weather reports from areas in other parts of London that had tons of the stuff and kept looking out of the window at the greenery and sunshine thinking why can't I have some?. I wanted to make snow bunnies too... ho hum...

Have decided that my computer has either a)been cursed, b) been sabotaged by aliens and/or pixies, or c) a problem with the memory on it somewhere. Am now in the process of trying to get another 'puter up and running, but it keeps sulking when I ask it to load anything and I need to find a load of drivers for various bits before the graphics will work properly. Still, I'm getting there slowly. How is it that I can get other peoples PC's working just fine but mine decide to play up?

Have also added to my my 'Wish List' if anyone decides they're feeling generous ;-)

Ah well, guess I'd better try and get some sleep - perchance to dream too.

It's goodnight from me and it's goodnight from Pudsey who I have just noticed is asleep on my side of the bed again and snoring enough to rival an outboard motor. Just what I need, bless her.