Thursday, January 06, 2005

The answers to my Festive mind boggler are up, the Xmas decorations are coming down, Merriment and celebrations ceasing at five to one against and falling. Four to one against, three to one, two to one...Party mode factor of one to one, we have normality, I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem. Please relax.

So far this year I have managed to stick to my New Year Resolutions. As I only made two, it’s been pretty easy.

My first resolution was to never, ever, attempt a home bikini wax again. There was too much pain, screaming and stickiness involved last time, so that one will be very simple to adhere to

My second was to keep my home and garden clean and in some semblance of order at all times.

The house has been much easier to keep tidy after the massive sort out I did before Xmas which involved many a trip to Charity shops and the local dump, and yesterday a couple of friends helped me make a start on the garden, hurrah! I now have a patio again, most of the evil reedy things have been ripped up, my Crystal Tree has had all its crystals put back in place and I put new shinys on my mobile. All I need now is a brazier to help me get the huge pile of superfluous shrubbery, weeds and brambles gone, and I’ll be laughing. Oh, maybe a lawn, some flowers and new planters too...

The only other thing I’ve been doing is adding to my Wish List * which I wish I’d found before Xmas. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t have got what I really want anyway. I can’t find it on Froogle and Santa appeared to be out of stock when I asked him last. Ho hum... and it’s ages ‘til my birthday too...

Still, a girl can dream...


* A Wish List is not just for Xmas btw. I have found out in life that the chances of getting something you want are greatly increased simply by asking for it ;)