Monday, December 20, 2004

seasons greetings!
sorry i haven't written anything for so long but i've been busy what with guarding the house and getting ready for the forthcoming festivities. i've finished writing my wish list for satan which i'm going to send up the chimney tomorrow, and have been helping my human get the house tidy and clean. she's been doing ever so much polishing that the house smells very different now, but she has promised that it will smell nice again tomorrow as she's going to be cooking duck for us which i'm really looking forward to.
i'm also very relieved that the two extra house guests - misty and tara - have found new homes in time for xmas. they were very friendly and all that but i much prefer it the way it is with just me getting all the treats and sofa priviledges.
anyway, i just wanted to say i hope you all have a very merry time celebrating whatever you choose.
woofy christmas and a waggy new year to you all!