Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am prune-like, warm and happy! :)
The reason for being prune-like is that I've just had my first hot bath in about six months, Hurrah! I got my heating situation sorted with the gas moguls after calling them to ask why they were going to cut me off when I simply couldn't afford to use it, and they couldn't have been more helpful.* They didn't know that I was on under minimum income due to someone not updating their records, and yesterday they sent somebody round to re-set my meter and card, so that now I can (just about) afford to keep warm. Gods Bless 'em!
So I've just spent an hour in the bath wallowing in bubbly stuff, salts, scrubs, my expensive shampoo and conditioner, and it was wonderful. It was so cold in the house for a while that although the shower is electric which meant the water was hot, I'd still be freezing before and after washing, which ain't much fun at all. I asked Pudsey if she wanted a bath too. I won't write her rejoinder...
I'm also happy 'cause I'm now back in touch with a friend I last saw nearly fifteen years ago. The last time I heard from him he'd sent me a Christmas card with a message saying that he'd moved, but forgot to put his new address on it! (doh) I then got an email a few days ago saying 'Guess who this is?' He'd Googled my name on the off chance wondering if there was any sign of my existence, and found my website with the address on it :) Yay for modern technology!
Other than that, I've been getting ready for another DAS do, and this time I'm the organizer, so I'm now off to the shops for supplies.
I shall leave you for now with a photo taken by my friend Clive, of me hitting people in a Forest near Guildford.
*Well, they could have given me free gas, but other than that...