Friday, November 12, 2004


Just when you think things can't get any worse, they usually do!
It's one of those bloody weeks!
First of all, my washing machine died due to a dog related incident involving trying to glue the door of it back together and drying hounds. (door with glass bowl on chair got knocked on floor by over excited dog - glass everywhere, no more washing machine)
I haven't had any hot water or central heating since July, as a) the boiler I have is on it on it's last legs which makes it very expensive to use, and b) my gas is on a meter and in arrears which means I can't afford to have the heating at the moment. This morning I got a letter from the supplier saying they were going to come round to disconnect my gas, on my birthday of all days! What is the point if I'm not using it anyway???
My vacuum cleaner has decided to go on strike and my house is covered in dog hair as I still haven't found a home for the superfluous dogs which are driving me up the wall by barking all the time.
I went to the shops a while ago with Pudsey and came back to find the Russell had destroyed my sofa.
Whilst at the shops I bought a slice of Gala pie which when I tasted it, found it was off and past it's use by date.
And now the last bloody straw is my oven has packed up, and right now I can't afford to get any of the above fixed.

At least I have my sanity and my collection of singing weasels to keep me company :-)