Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hello again,

I can’t stay long as it’s the start of the Haggis Season today, and I’m glued to my ‘puter in the hope of spotting them. At least it’s stopped me from playing Bejeweled 2 incessantly I suppose...

Anyway, I had a fab time at the DAS weekend, lots of fun fighting, feasting and carousing as per usual, and many people told they had a great time, so I reckon all my hard work organizing it all paid off :) I’ve even booked the hall again for next year.

My Birthday on Monday was fun too. I got a few cards and emails, a CD player from Pudsey, and an organic Cheddar Cheese from Mags. I spent the day doing as little as possible, just slobbing around listening to sounds without the tracks skipping or jumping, and then reported to a pub at six o’clock as per instructions. The rest of the evening was a bit blurry, but very enjoyable and involved a take away Indian meal which was extremely tasty, and cheering on Hans Gruber in Die Hard. (also extremely tasty)

On Tuesday, I met up with my friend who I hadn’t seen in around fifteen years and spent the afternoon catching up on old times and enjoying a steak before Pudsey took us both to the park. Another good day!

Wednesday, I got news that I’m getting free loft and cavity insulation! Hurrah! I think it’s because the Government has realized that people freezing to death because they simply cannot afford fuel and heating costs, doesn’t look too good on reports, so they’re making sure that pensioners and those on under minimum benefits etc, are getting some help for once. I watched a programme that evening that said the next Ice Age is imminent*. As long as it doesn’t turn up before I get my cavities done I’ll be happy.

Friday was another Birthday celebration. Some friends took me to a restaurant in Ealing and then on to Karaoke at my local. Another night of merriment with lashings of good food, Yay!

Had a quiet weekend, got the loft cleared ready for the insulation to be put in, and now can’t get in to dining room due to nearly thirty years worth of clutter from the loft being in there. Must visit the dump fairly soon.

I think I just saw a Haggis humping a car on the Isle of Skye...
Happy St. Andrews Day everybody!

*Within the next 5000 years