Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yet another quiet week. The only major panic was whilst mucking out the goldfish tank on Sunday. All was going ‘swimmingly’, the tank was down to it’s lowest level for a water change and I was just going to get the hose to top them up again, when I realized one of the bigger fish had managed to somehow get itself stuck in the mini castle, had its head sticking out the top of it, and was gasping for water. I tried to see if I could get it out but it was stuck fast with its fins wedging it so that it couldn’t go back or forth. After running round in circles with the dogs chasing and barking at me, I got it together to fill the sink with water and get a hammer. It was all pretty scary for a while, but the good news is the fish lives! Granted, there is a little bit less of it than there was to start with and it hides at the sight of a hammer, but it’s alive!

The most important news I have to impart is that I now have another Blog, which I’ve set up (or rather, have nearly set up as I write this and will be properly up and running ASAP) because I am trying to help Dogs that have been abandoned, neglected, and in some very sad instances just plain abused, find a home where they can be loved and give devotion in return. I’ve decided to do it to try and help a wonderful lady who I met in my attempts to re-home the two dogs I have here. For the last thirty years she has been taking in waifs and strays who would otherwise have been left in kennels, or possibly even destroyed. I went to her house yesterday to take photos, mainly of the two most recent additions to the pack, who she’s trying to find a home for before they become too settled. And when I say pack, I mean Pack! Upon entering the ‘dog room’ I was greeted by no less than fourteen excited, barking dogs. I was jumped on, licked, sniffed, and knocked over the whole time I was trying to get some pics. Anyway, this lady does an amazing job in caring for and loving these abandoned doggies. From what I can gather, she and her husband sell things to raise money, and also rely on donations to keep the pack well looked after. When I first spoke to her asking if she knew anybody who could home the two extra dogs I have, she came over to meet them, and as I’d explained that I’d only been supposed to be looking after them for a weekend and was short of funds, she brought over extra tins of food, bags of biscuits, and even some doggy treats!

Anyway, more of the usual stuff soonish, I’m going to work on the new blog Dogs for Homes now.

Watch this space (or the new blog!) for further details!

Woof woof!