Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Number of times passed out during last week: 0
Number of bargains found in Charity shops: 2
Number of superfluous dogs in the house: 2
Number of times I’ve mopped muddy paw-prints off floor: 17
Number of fun things I’ve found to waste my time on the net: 2
Number of hours spent playing Haggis Drop: far too many…

A very quiet week really. The only major stress I had was whilst trying to sort out someone’s laptop. The job itself was easy enough, format hard drive, re-install win98 and office. Simple I thought, and it would have been if someone (who shall remain nameless) that I’d lent my office CD to, had sent the right CD back to me making a one day job drag on for five.

I’m still fostering the two dogs. A few people have said to me ‘it’s not your problem, put them in a dog’s home’ which sounds tempting every time they start barking at anything that passes the house or cover the kitchen floor with mud, but Misty has already ‘done time’ in Battersea, and Tara’s only a puppy that loves cuddles. I could never let them down like that. And besides, they have been providing entertainment in exchange for a tin of dog food per day. This lunchtime I heard an almighty crash from downstairs. Upon investigation I discovered that Tara had tried to climb the very large log pile by the fireplace and had managed to get stuck under the fallen wood. I did warn her to leave it alone, but would she listen? Anyway, hopefully I’ll find a home for them soon. Pudsey’s been very good about having guests but threw her first major hissy fit the other day when Misty decided to play with her favourite toy duck. She was only placated after the return of said duck, three chewie sticks and a lot of cuddles on the sofa.

I’ve been having fun with the Gematriculator, which I found on my friend Mags’ Blog. According to its calculations, this Blog is 35% evil and 65% good. My website is 43% evil and 57% good. My full given name is only 1% evil and 99% good, as is my ‘online’ name. The name by which I have been called since birth, that everybody knows me by, and that I added a few years ago by deed poll however, is 99% evil and only 1% good. I guess there’s no hope for me then. I’d better go buy a large leather swivel chair and white fluffy cat…

Mags is also to blame for the amount of time I’ve spent glued to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy game . I won’t bore anyone with a review, just go play it. And try typing in ‘enjoy Ford’ at some point…

My bargains of the week have been the complete video set of Sex and the City series 1, and a gorgeous Karen Millen top. The top is purple and covered with iridescent sequins and has beading round the cuffs. Totally impractical for day wear and I was probably swayed into buying it after watching the SATC videos, but it’s pretty! All I need now is an occasion to wear it…

Since I started writing this, the dogs have been outside twice bringing the number of times I’ve mopped the floor to 19. I have a mop, a fireplace that needs cleaning, a pretty new outfit and no ball to go to. Where’s a handsome prince or a fairy godmother when you need one?