Wednesday, September 01, 2004

woof woof! pudsey here once more…

i haven’t been particularly busy, but a few interesting things have happened. the nastiest was I had a bad reaction to a fleabite and had to go back to the vets. as i couldn’t stop scratching i had to have tablets to eat, smelly stuff put on my neck after a bath (grrr) and had to wear a stupid plastic lampshade for days, and my human went and put a pic of me wearing it on her blog too....but i’m all better now which is good.

my human has recently been taking those flying blankets called kites to the park, and the other week i got to fly one of them! she was flying a little bat shaped one, and as i was having a scamper, the bat flew down in front of me, i caught the string and got it back up again! it flew ever so high and i ran with it for ages, which was lots of fun. i haven’t figured out how to get her new one with two bits of string on it up yet as i’m not very good at holding two handles with my paws, but i’m determined to try. she went to a kite fest over the weekend, and said if i can fly her new ladybug kite, she’ll make me my very own bone shaped one that i can tie to my collar and fly!

she’s not very well today and has been trying to teach me how to play buffy top trumps again. apparently it’s against the rules to try and eat or hide your opponent’s cards, even if it is the xander one which always loses.

the worst thing that happened was we got burgled last week! while i was out on a walkie, a fox came in the back door and stole my biscuits that i had been saving for a snack when i got back!!!! my human chased it away before it took anything else, but it was still very upsetting. why couldn’t it have taken something like tinned rice pudding instead? i don’t like rice pudding…. (sigh) anyway, i did get a special treat to make up for the loss (and to ease the shock) which was a big bag of ‘bob martin puffed jerky snacks’. extremely tasty, even yummier than the biscuits!

a very odd thing happened a couple of nights ago. we were sitting on the sofa together watching a film called ‘the 51st state' (i wanted to watch 'wallace and grommet' again, but it was her turn to choose) when we heard a loud thumping noise coming from the back of the house. i went and hid my chewy bone in case it was the fox trying to break in, and we went to investigate, but we couldn’t see or smell anybody or anything that might have made the noise…. the noise continued for about ten minutes and then just stopped again… very, very odd indeed…. i’ve taken to sleeping next to her on the bed at nights now in case it happens again. it’s always safe under a duvet…