Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Good, The Bad, and the Just Plain Weird…

Events of the last few days.

Tuesday, 7th
Got taken out to dinner by a friend and had a fab time. Went to an Italian restaurant in Richmond. Good food, great company and just a bit too much wine (hic…)
Thanks T x (mood: V happy!)

Wednesday, 8th
Early start (not good after late night with red wine) First day back at TBG doing another ‘puter course, the ECDL2. Stared blankly at screen and book for the first hour whilst waiting for coffee and nicotine to do its thing. Still managed to get through the first lot of ‘mocks’ in the Word module just fine though. (mood: Fuzzy)

Thursday, 9th
Another early start…. Finished Excel module… went home… ate something… went to bed… absolutely shattered, physically and emotionally. (mood: Tired, but still happy)

Friday, 10th
Yet another early start (yawn) had volunteered to help out at GP’s surgery as a thank you for all the help and use of photocopier etc, so learnt how to use their programme and got a fair few letters typed out for them to ease the backlog. Saw a friend in the afternoon who I always enjoy seeing. (mood: V cheerful with jaunty walk thrown in for good measure!)

Saturday 11th
Was enjoying a lie in until phone rang. Have decided there is a company whose sole purpose is to call people early at weekends feigning ‘wrong number’ just to piss people off. Pottered about with ‘puter for a while whilst chatting to friend. 12pm, invaded by dogs. A couple of friends are in the process of moving house and asked if I could look after Misty (GS, collie cross) and Tara (Russell) until Monday. Spent a couple of hours explaining the house rules and pack hierarchy (Me- Alpha female, Pudsey- Beta) and then settled back at ‘puter again. 3pm, gave up trying to do any work on ‘puter as discovered it’s almost impossible to type with 3 dogs vying for my attention. 4pm.Strange noises. Went to investigate, found Tara happily humping Misty. 4.05pm, wondered if I should set up a link and webcam and put ‘Doggie Porn’ up on the net. 4.10pm, Pudsey and I decided to leave them to it and go back to the ‘puter. 5.45pm. After conversation with friend was left feeling snubbed, blanked, confused, used, stupid, and hurt beyond belief. 6pm- 8pm, cried. Spent the rest of the evening watching TV and sorting out minor squabbles with assorted quadrupeds. (mood: TFM)

Sunday 12th
Awakened by a Russell who thought it would be funny to get as close to my face as possible, stare at me until I opened my eyes, then lick my nose until I ordered her off the bed. The Russell has learnt 2 things in the short time she has been here. a) Do not play silly buggers with me first thing in the morning, especially before I have had caffeine, and b) just because something is green, doesn’t mean it’s grass. (dog, pond, duckweed. Need I explain further?)

Other news and trivia at time of writing.

Realized that the opposition re: ‘My Case’ have not responded with any further defence, and if they did have any it would have had to have been served yesterday. I’m hoping this is good news for me.

Whilst attempting to tidy my bedroom, I found 14 teaspoons lurking in various corners which is incredibly odd as I’m sure I didn’t put them there… Maybe the pixies are back…

This blog has taken me almost 2 hours to type, thank to 3 dogs trying to get me to take them out. I give in, now off to the park and I’m taking my ladybug kite with me. (mood: Pensive)

Update: 23.23pm. All quiet on the west7 front... Pudsey is upstairs with me, Misty and Tara are (or should be) asleep downstairs. I took the kite out earlier which was good, and I managed to get some thinking done. (mood: Dazed, beautiful and emotionally bruised)