Thursday, August 12, 2004

I’ve been meaning to write a new post for ages now but once again, life has been getting in the way of things I really want to do. I’ve had some good news regarding a major, long term battle I’ve been fighting, which has been taking up nearly all my concentration for the last week or so, and I still have to write a couple of reports, letters and photocopy loads of evidence. Erin Brockovich eat your heart out ;-)

I did manage to get away over the weekend though for a much needed break with the Dark Ages Society, and spent a day running through brambles and killing Saxons with my trusty spear- ‘Mr Pointy’ (yeah, I know it’s sad…)

Also, my Dog had to go to the vets on Tuesday as she had a very nasty, sore and itchy rash which she wouldn’t stop scratching. I warned her what would happen if she didn’t leave it alone, but she wouldn’t listen to me and she’s now sporting a ‘plastic lampshade’. I got invited out for a drink last night to a Dog friendly pub, so I took her with me. The journey there took about three times as long as usual, as not only did people keep stopping me to ask ‘what’s wrong with the dear little doggy?’ she kept bumping into lamp posts, parked cars, walls, people’s leg etc… She seriously overplayed the sympathy vote once we got to the pub too and managed to con other customers out of peanuts and crisps as well as being made a fuss of. She is now sulking downstairs, but avoiding the dining room as (although she usually likes being in there) she managed to get stuck amongst the table and chair legs yesterday. I really did try not to laugh….

Anyway, back to the reports and so… (sigh)