Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Had a brilliant time last Saturday night, went to an old fashioned Steam Fun Fair. My friend Clive had come down to stay for a few days, and we were heading off to get something to eat, when we spotted lots and lots of bright pretty lights! So we decided to put the food search on hold, park up and investigate. The closest parking space we could find was at the far end of the field away from the fair, so we set off into the dark like moths to flames. Next thing I knew, ‘some cat had taken the ground away’, and I found myself at the bottom of a ditch. Fortunately, I was unharmed apart from a bump on the knee, until Clive also found the ditch and fell on top of me. Dialogue of incident as follows:
Me: ‘Bit dark out here. Good job we can just aim for the lights…oops…OW!’
Clive: ‘………..We appear to have fallen in a ditch…’
Me: ‘Wow, you think?’
Anyway, mostly unscathed, and undeterred, we again set off towards the fair. It was wonderful. Twinkly lights festooned the rides and side-stalls, the smell of hot dogs, popcorn and candyfloss permeated the air and best of all, they had all the old rides with hurdy-gurdys and barrel organs! I sadly did a veritable impression of an over exited five year old as I spotted the Carousel and one of those Merry-go-rounds with swings, and pouted and nearly stamped my foot until Clive relented and we went on the rides.
While we were on the Carousel (I picked a horse called Zed as a nod toward Pulp Fiction) I started wondering how amazing these old steam rides must have been to the Victorians when they first appeared. Back in 1893, some of the rides were being lit up by electricity, a ‘Marvel’ back then! I couldn’t begin to imagine how novel and fantastic ‘all the fun of the fair’ must have been just over a hundred years ago…
To add to the fun, whilst Clive was trying to shoot some bits of paper, a firework display started. I got my camera out and found that trying to take photos of whiz-bangs was rather like clay pigeon shooting, but without the advantage of someone calling ‘pull’. I did manage to get this shot of the fairground though, which I think is pretty cool.
Anyway, after a while, a couple of rides and a candyfloss, we decided to continue the search for sustenance, and headed back toward the car, this time managing to avoid the ditch.
I’m saving my pocket money for the next time the fair comes to town.

Carters Steam Fair