Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Singledom and Broccoli.

If anyone read the last blog, the good news is that Pudsey is fine now, and back on garden patrol. We had a couple of altercations over her not taking her tablets, but I won and the course of antibiotics seems to have done their job.

The news in my life is that I’m single again for the first time in years. I don’t want to go into the details about what happened, all I’m saying now is that I do hope he’s ok and manages to sort his life out.

Since the split, friends have been calling me to make sure I’m alright, and offer advice and insight into the world of ‘Singledom’ So far, I have learnt that the most important thing to do right now, is look after number one, and take every chance I have to ‘chill out and pamper myself’ Ben & Jerry’s and long hot baths had been mentioned in many a conversation, so on Saturday night I thought I’d try it. I spent Sunday morning getting the boiler working again, and finally had a hot bath on Sunday night. (By the way, Mags, that bubbly stuff from Lush is great! Thank you!)

Apparently, there is also ‘the wonderful game of dating’ to be played at some stage. So far the consensus amongst my female friends is that the rules haven’t changed since I last played, but more of the pieces tend to go missing the older one gets.

The strangest thing that’s happened is that for some reason, people have been bringing me broccoli… Over two days, three good friends came over with ‘food parcels’ all containing broccoli… Fortunately I like it, but it got me wondering for a while. Had I missed something? Were my friends trying to tell me something? Was I now supposed to give ‘thank you‘ gifts of cauliflower and send lettuce to people instead of condolence cards? I asked a friend if there was a new precedent of giving freshly single persons broccoli and her response was ‘Of course! I’ve been living off the stuff for weeks now!’ I wonder what social situation calls for an aubergine?

I’m off to the shops for more Ben & Jerry’s.

Back when I'm feeling less down.