Friday, July 30, 2004

My week in brief.

Thursday 22nd.
9.15am. Appointment with nurse at hospital re: tablets I’m on.
Nurse: “Have you had any major operations over the last few years?”
Me: “Yes, hysterectomy, September 2001”.
Nurse: “What method of birth control are you currently using?”
Me: “Er…none…”
Nurse: “In that case, we’ll have to do a pregnancy test to find out if you’re pregnant or not”

Friday 23th.
9.15am. Awoke to the sound of the recycling guys throwing boxes of cans and bottles into the back of the truck. Realized that I had once again, forgotten to put my (now almost overflowing) empties out the previous night.
9.17am. Finally found a dress (short, but only one to hand) ran out of back door, grabbed boxes, struggled with them to the gate only to see recyc truck trundling off into the distance.
9.18am. Left boxes by gate (too heavy to carry back without caffeine fix) went back into house, made coffee, went upstairs to check emails etc.
11.02am. Went to sit in the garden with Pudsey for a while. Was astonished to see recyc truck pull up by my gate. One of the men had seen me waving as they’d driven off, and they’d come back ‘specially to get the boxes for me.
11.04am – 23.48pm extremely cheerful mood. Faith in humanity restored, and pile of empty cans and bottles gone.
23.52pm. Realized that the dress I’d hurriedly pulled on first thing in the morning is almost transparent and the angle the sun had been shining on me meant that… oh well, the empties are gone.

Saturday 24th.
Friend Clive came to stay for the weekend. Spent afternoon catching up on gossip, and generally slobbing around and eating pizza.
7.00pm. Clive and I met up with my friend, Nic, and we all set off towards Walpole Park in Ealing for the Blues Festival. If anyone’s been keeping up with my Blogs and followed the links, they will have noticed I’m a big fan of ‘The Guv’nors’, who were headlining.
8.30pm. Found spot right by the stage, and settled back armed with bitter shandies, and a fab bottle of red wine that Nic had bought along ‘specially (cheers Nic!)
9.00 – 10.30pm. Boogied around, cheered, clapped, sang along and generally had a great time. Another absolutely stunning gig.
10.40 ish… Headed home via pub…bought chicken… went back to mine with Nic and Clive… ate chicken… drank more wine…
3.45am. Hic… zzzzzzzzzz

Sunday 25th.
Spent day slobbing out again. Took Pudsey out for a scamper, cooked a roast dinner and settled down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean.
3.45am approx: Very strange dream. ‘Jack Sparrow’ was stranded at my house for some reason, and asked, “Is that all you do, Slob around in front of the ‘puter all day drinking coffee?” to which I replied “Welcome to Hanwell love…”

Monday 26th.
Clive went back to Felixstowe after checking he hadn’t left anything behind in any of the rooms. Spent rest of day catching up on emails etc.

Tuesday 27th.
Clive phoned to say he’d got back safely, and could I please hold on to the DVD’s and so that he’d left at mine.

Wednesday 28th
Housework… gardening…took Pudsey to park…

Thursday 29th
11.43pm. Remembered to put empties out for recycling this morning…