Sunday, June 27, 2004

They think it's all over? It certainly is now...

For the first time in years, I found myself glued to a football match last Thursday night. If anyone has been living in the deepest, darkest cave they could find for the last few months, I am of course referring to the England vs Portugal match. I even found myself calling the Swiss ref a few names when he disallowed 'that goal' and peeking through my fingers unable to watch the screen directly during the penalty shoot out.
Afterwards, I went to visit a friend. The streets were unnervingly quiet, and the few people who were leaving pubs walked as if at a funeral. Hundreds of England flags stuck to stationary cars fluttered sadly and ignored, like puppies who had been chastised for messing on the carpet.
Yesterday, a friend and I went to Ealing, and found a church fete that we decided to have a look at. A hand made poster offered us the opportunity to have our photo taken with 'Celebrity Look-a-likes, Posh and Becks!' Ha ha ha ha ha.... 'Posh' was no-where to be seen. 'Becks' was standing forlornly by a small goal, being ignored by disdainful children. My friend dragged me away before I succumbed to the mood and started shouting 'You're S**t! Aaah' at him. I think the look-a-like is probably re-thinking his career right now.
Yesterday I saw a solitary England flag fluttering gamely from a car. Maybe it's for Henman.