Monday, December 07, 2009

I've been sitting here by my 'puter for the last half hour trying to think up anything interesting that happened to me over the weekend, but I got nothin'.
The only thing close to exciting was that as the dog who lives at my local* has a habit of leaping over the bar and sometimes knocking people over in the process, I made a sign for the pub which reads 'Warning! Low Flying Dog!'. A customer read the sign and asked what the sign meant, and a split second later he was almost bowled over by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier hurtling towards him. I thought it amusing.

But that's it, so I guess I'll just give you your options for today's Choose-O for tomorrow's entertainment which are -
  • Speech.
  • Woof!
  • Traffic
And while your casting your votes, please tell me about your weekends. I need some vicarious excitement right now.

*No traces of the Polish regime remain, and now they've started doing food which, if the Beef Stew yesterday was anything to go by, is fabulously tasty, yay! Definitely recommended!