Monday, November 02, 2009

Wow! For once on a Monday morning, my computer is behaving itself properly and is not to blame for The-ex-partner-in-crime's inability to log-in to the new Driving School that he's started working for!
I've just spent about an hour downloading and setting up the files for him so that he can 'talk' with the new school and was trying to connect when their intermanet connection failed, not mine!
Shame my 'puter didn't want to work on Friday, but such is the way of belligerent, bloody-minded inanimate objects. Those 'robot' toys that can 'think' for themselves really scare me, btw. If they can 'think', then it's only a short step to them running amok wielding screwdrivers and trying to dismantle us just because they've had a bad day.
I do not like that idea one iota.

Anyways, as it's Monday again, it's time for the weekly Choose-O, and your options are -
  • Home Economics
  • Surprize!
And as always, please tell me all about your Hallowe'en weekends while you're down there, akay?
Happy thingies, everyone!
It's good to be back online! x