Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And yet again, with unfailing regularity*, it's time for the Double Entendre Day Caption Competition, yaaaaaaay!

I've been doing some pondering over the last few weeks as to what sort of photographic imagery does it take to get you lot seriously excited, or rather, excited enough to get my box filled to capacity and get me a 69 at the same time.

And I finally decided that it was time to 'recycle' one of the most popular photos that has graced these pages, being this -

There's a scampi fry going for every entry, and a delicious bag of Cheezitz available for the person who gets me to that ever elusive 69!

Oh yeah, and if any regular readers thought that a recent photo looked familiar for some reason, they might have been comparing the above to this one.

Anyhoo, as per the norm, plz to get stuck in.

And as stuck in as hard and fast as possible, akay?


*Providing my intermanet connection behaves itself.