Wednesday, July 08, 2009

And as Wednesday rolls around once again, this Double Entendre Day finds me feeling rather naughty and breaking the rules somewhat.

The reason being is that I was sent a link to a fab photo for 'the blog' by a reader and fellow Flickrite, but although the pic was fab, I didn't feel it quite right for today's post.
I thanked the chap muchly and went on to sniffing through his photos on Flickr and I found one of the funniest piccies I've seen in ages, and decided I simply must share it with you lot so that you can add your usual excellent and smutty funny comments.

But, as I type this post, it is 01:07 hours, and I haven't yet received the gentleman's permission to use said fab piccy here, but I'm going to take a chance and post it with a full credit and link etc, in the hope that he'll wake up and let the photo stay up.
If he says no, I shall remove the pic straight away and flagellate myself with a kipper as atonement.

So, this is the photo as snapped by Mr John Horsey.

You can peruse the rest of his lovely piccies by clicking here, pray that he lets me keep this post up, and also get straight into stuffing my box with as much as you can give me as I'm gagging for another 69.
There's a portion of bamboo shoots going for every entry, and a delicious Panda Pop available should I get me that soixante-neuf!

So without further ado,