Monday, December 08, 2008

So, Monday again, but this one finds me having problems getting online rather than my 'puter.
Recently I've been feeling tired all the time which has meant I've dropped off while trying to do things I'm meant to be doing, and missed the ends of a fair few films that I've wanted to see.
You'd think this would be good for my insomnia in that I'd be able to spleep at nights but can I get to spleep then?
Of course I can't.
I've tried the hot, milky drink and all the other things I'm supposed to do, but still I find myself staring into space and wondering where the sheep went.
But anyway, I think I can get it together to get a Choose-O going, so your options are -


With any luck I'll be up early to post the chosen tale.

Anyhoo, enough about me, how you doing?