Monday, December 29, 2008

Helloo? Is there anyone still out there?

I hope so, because now that a certain bill has been payed, I am now back online, and hopefully for long enough to catch up on all my belated 'thank you' emails and 'festive wishes' &c.
Please note, if you haven't heard from me and were expecting to, I haven't been ignoring you it's because I've been totally skint again, although this time I did manage to stock up on food and squirrel some money on the gas and electric so I wasn't cold and hungry.
Which was nice.

Anyways, now that that news is out of the way I'm sure you're all desperate* to find out what the answers to my Festive Mind Boggler are, so without further waffle, here you are -

1. Cockney Eye - Mince Pie
2. Lots at Witching Hour - Midnight Mass
3. Branson's Baby - Virgin Birth
4. Male Rulers of Shops - Stockings
5. Board Game Fanatics - Chestnuts
6. Stella Over There - Yonder Star
7. It's not yes - Snow
6. Noel's First Woman - Christmas Eve
9. Broken Jukebox with Clergy Round - Silent Night, Holy Night
10. Country gets eaten - Turkey
11. Alcohol thought about things - Mulled Wine
12. Possibly an American Soldier - Magi
13. Scary King's Big Dinner- Feast of Stephen
14. Regret Lungdren - Rudolph
15. Sum up aperture for air - Advent
16. Incomplete Alphabet - Noel
17. Foil Trade - Tinsel
18. Shortened Spanish Lover carried Mary - Donkey
19. 24 hours of Pugalism - Boxing Day
20. Sharp Girl with Clingy Friend - Holly and Ivy
21. Make them Angry Francis - Frankincense
22. Murder a Whiskey - Sleighbells
23. Pig with Cash - Hogmonnay
24. Holy Metal Bottom - St Nicholas
25. Thieving Bird - Robin
26. Annual Monarch's Fruit - Queen's Speech
27. Beelzebub Mixed Up - Santa
28. Owner of a Pie - Shepherd
29. Large Half Mountain - Big Ben
30. Huge Bequest to the Masons - Goodwill to all Men
31. Tony's Missus is Drunk - Sherry
32. The Times Links - Paper Chains
33. Ball Breaker Candy - The Nutcracker Suite
34. Automobile goes over and over - Carol
35. Fake Agony - Champagne
36. Must get Pulled - Cracker
37. Played at Sunset - Last Post
38. Rocket Digit - Mistletoe
39. Homer's Dog - Santa's Little Helper
40. Suspend Above - Hangover

So there you are. I have yet to check my emails to see if anybody managed to get them all correct, but if you even managed to get half of them right, well doned, and I hope you enjoyed the quiz.

And now, if anybody wants me I will be ploughing through mail** and trying desperately to catch up on my Flickr and other things before I don't have any friends left at all.

By the way, how are you all, and did you have a wonderful Christmas or not?

*Definition of 'desperate' may be lost in transit and/or translation.
**Mostly deleting the spam.