Monday, December 22, 2008

Apologies for tardiness, but Happy (Belated) Solstice, for yesterday!
First light on the shortest day.
This is also my reason for late posting today as I yesterday I was up at first light, apart from a brief nap at about 11:00am, didn't get back to spleep until around 15:30 this morning.
But now my front room is lovely and shiny and I got all my winter foliage inside so that the little wood spirits have somewhere safe to hide until the worst of the cold and dark has passed and they can go back to the forests in safety.
Yesterday also involved much cooking of roast beast with plenty of other yummy stuff on the side, and mucho eating of special mid-winter-feasty sweeties, all washed down with lashings of mead and champagne.
And now it's time to hunker down until the next big celebration being that which many call Christmas after the Pagan festival was stolen by some Church and turned into a slightly different Holy Day so that followers would not burn in hell for following the older, and more traditional festivities. It's supposed to be called Yule, by the way.
I also have a little something else to celebrate this year as last Friday found me trundling up to Londinium for a tribunal after my incapacity benefit was stopped even though I really am ill and getting worse.
The doctor who originally said I was 'fit for work' wrote a report that I didn't recognize as being about me, and neither did the ex-partner-in-crime who came with me to hold my paw.
But luckily on Friday, the independent doctor and 'law-y' type person actually listened to me, and realized that I was not making anything up and that my depression is bad and my arthritis and so are getting worse, which makes simple things such as walking very difficult a lot of the time.
In brief, they upheld my appeal so soon I should be getting a little bit more money each week which means that I can afford luxuries such as food and heat without having to choose between them or going without.
Woos, and loads of hoos!
Add to that the fact that my 'puter is not having a hissy fit and refusing to do anything involving memory after I gave it an overhaul, I am feeling rather chipper in general for a change.
Which is nice.

No Choose-O today as I already have some festive fun planned for tomorrow, instead please tell me how you're going to be celebrating the Mid Winter this year. Even if you will be eschewing the turkey and tinsel and renouncing the deity of your choice, tell me all.

Also new this year, you can write your letter to Satan Santa in my comments box, and I assure you that I will pass them all on to the main man himself. Honestly, I will - I used to work with him and he owes me a favour or two.
Today, I have mostly been reminiscing.
So, over to you then and Happy Monday also.