Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's that time of the year again, and I haven't got a thing to wear.
Tomorrow is the night when normally sane people decide to dress up in clothes that are entirely different to their usual attire in the name of Halloween.
Grown adults also dress up their offspring in garish costumes and take them to neighbours who they would not even nod a hello to on the street at any other time of year and ask to be given sweets or else they will possibly throw an egg at their window or door.
Some people will be having a party with mucho merriment and bobbing of apples, although sadly I haven't been invited to any.
Well, that's what happens round my way at any rate.
In less salubrious areas, small children roam estates and streets wearing bin liners as capes and masks from the nearest Pahnd Store and threaten any one they encounter with the words 'Trick or Treat', and when they sat 'Trick', it's not an egg at the door, but a brick through the window or a lit firework through the letterbox. And it's not just the one night they do so either, they'll have been at it since the start of October, bless 'em.
But anyway, although I haven't been invited to any parties I've been thinking about doing my own little scary something instead of just drawing my curtains closed and the outside light off and waiting to hear the screams of 'Trick or Treaters' as they discover my man traps.
Now, I could either get my cauldron and tripod out and lurk at the end of the driveway stirring up something strange while hiding under a snazzy cloak and hat ensemble, or (and I like this idea) I can dress up and go trick or treating by myself! I'm sure many of the local publicans wouldn't mind me pouncing on their patrons and mugging them as they try to leave the pub, and as I'd be in disguise, the neighbours wouldn't recognize me either.
But the thing is, I don't know what to wear...
I've got the usual stuff lying about the house such as full Viking attire complete with sword, spears and 'fruit knives', and I've been told that my normal wardrobe could rival Morticia Addams', but I want to try something completely different.
And this meine lieblinges, is where you come in.
Please to suggest what you think is the scariest outfit I could wear tomorrow. No prizes, but I'll do my best to get a photo sorted out.
So right...
Over to you lot then.
See you in the comments box!